Our group aims to introduce multidisciplinary viewpoints on wave mechanics and its applications to intelligent systems.

  • Wave mechanics cover a variety of fields in classical and quantum physics. Despite the different specific properties of each field, there exists the mathematical/physical similarity in various wave mechanics: photonics, quantum mechanics, acoustics, elastic waves, and RF circuits.

  • This underlying similarity inspires the multidisciplinary connection between different wave mechanics, as demonstrated in the field of quantum-optical analogy, parity-time symmetry, and topological wave properties. This viewpoint can be more generalized to network theory, biomimetics, and machine learning.

  • Based on this perspective, we try to (i) devise new analytical methods, (ii) reveal novel phenomena, and (iii) achieve superior device performance for wave mechanics. The research goal of our laboratory is the realization of "intelligent wave systems," focusing on the construction of wave-based artificial intelligence: ultra-fast inference, ultra-low power consumption, and reasonable feature sizes.

  • We are now focusing on achieving the neuromorphic realization of intelligent photonic systems: "Thinking with Light" - see the "Research" Tab for details.